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Susan's newest historical fiction,

Now available on Amazon Kindle $2.99 (free on Kindle unlimited)


Coming of Age in a 1920s World of Jazz, Circus and Revolution

This is your invitation to explore the rich and exotic times of the 1920s as viewed by Lilah a.k.a. Kathleen, on the verge of womanhood, in Sarasota Florida as it transforms into a circus community at the behest of entrepreneur, John Ringling. She soon discovers that the wide world is not as she hoped. Raised without a mother, she finds her way to the Caribbean, joins in a revolution and soon realizes that a set of seemingly random and terrifying incidents are connected and they all center around her. Why? What has she done to elicit the mysterious pursuit? And will it ever stop?


Along the way you will encounter fascinating historical people, including many notable women who blazed new trails in their fields. If you enjoy history, an extensive appendix awaits you with more details on the real people she meets, including salty sailors, Cuban ritualists and high flying circus stars. In addition, you may enjoy this as a colorful travelogue as she searches the world for answers to an uncertain future.


Is there more going on outside each of our own small worlds? Inhabitants of Earth have always been connected, influencing one another in subtle or not so subtle ways. We share one sphere rotating in endless space, covered with swirling clouds that pass over all of us with no attention to borders, watching the same stories repeated over and over again. Have we learned anything yet?


Author Susan Slack lives in Sarasota, Florida which is the heart of this story. She has published two books and recorded several works of original music. She has worked as columnist and Jazz Editor and founded the Open Circle Players, a touring, interactive musical theater company for children.

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This is Susan's first historical fiction. Dive into this historical vacation that is both a sweeping epic and warm story of a family caught in world politics of the the 4th century BCE. You'll travel to Egypt, Athens, Persia, Sparta, Phoenecia and many temples and oracles. All but five of the characters are from the historical records - you will recognize some and meet new ones. All the battles and political intrigue happened.

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Visit here to read all the five star reviews! z9A

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"Come Join the Circle" is a 'how' and 'why' handbook for teachers and all who love to work with children in classrooms, religious education sessions, after school programs or wherever you and bunch of kids are gathered. Published in 2006, the research gathered is more than valid today. In fact, much of the material in this book is only now reaching mainstream education's inclusion into curriculum.  The three skills of rhythm, music and movement done together are architects of an integrated, problem-solving socially adjusted brain. Oh, and it's fun for everyone, including adults. Available at  in papberback, Kindle (epub) and PDF

Discover Susan's soaring, inspiring vocals and lyrics on original blended music styles including jazz, folk-rock and blues. Originally recorded onto vinyl in 1981 in Buffalo NY,  "Sunrise" features Susan on vocals and percussion, Richard Shulman - piano; Peter Leith - guitar; Bobby Previte - drums; Peter Piccirilli - bass; Dave Shiavone - horns; Dave Alderson - trumpet. All original tunes with masterfull horn arrangements by Richard Shulman. Visit either link for full description and to hear samples. Available on  iTunes: and CDbaby  (A few vinyl copies are available.  Contact Susan directly)


Just for fun, here is a sample of 'Susan and the the Slack Band' recorded in 1985:

Susan has had many great adventures and has met some famous people. Visit her memoir site "Dropping Names: People and Events That Changed the World" for some stories you won't forget. Soon to be published, but free for now.

Here is a link to a May 2024 article published in Ann Arbor quarterly "Crazy Wisdom". "Rhythm, Good for What Ails You" which encompasses the BIG picture of rhythm and useful applications.


And finally, contact Susan for information about singing and drumming.  Just ask: peaceinacircle  (at)

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